What is CrossFit?”

  • It’s a strength and conditioning program with a brand new workout everyday…it’s fun, and all about community.
  • CrossFit is: “constantly varied, high-intensity functional movement.”

“Why you should workout at a CF gym as opposed to a “globo” gym?”

  • To bring your fitness to a whole new level.  In CrossFit, we want you to be ready for anything that life may throw at you!  If you have to lift something heavy, we got you trained for that. If you have to go run 5 miles, we also got you trained for that as well!  It is a methodology that addresses every single type of fitness domain (Strength/Conditioning/Powerlifting/Weightlifting/Gymnastics

“Is CrossFit for me?”

  • It’s for everyone! Our dedicated coaches do a great job of explaining how the workouts can be scaled to fit your ability! We want to be able to pick something off the ground in 30 years, or do everyday functions.  If we continue to let ourselves go, even everyday functions could become too tough. We want to feel and look good, and enjoy the process of getting there.

“Why now?  Do I have to be ready or fit to start?”

  • You don’t have to be fit to start CF, in fact we help that process become more efficient than you would have done on your own.  You want to be able to have that advantage right aways it playing with your grandkids that you want to be able to do? Do you want to perform better at your sport?  Let’s get you on that path right away!

Are you ready to make a change?

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