We offer a wide variety of class times to accommodate as many individual schedules as possible. Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, we have the class time for you. CrossFit is our primary mission, and we encourage to you attend as many classes as you like with our unlimited memberships.

  • 05:00 AM – 06:00 AM Monday – Friday
  • 06:00 AM – 07:00 AM Monday – Friday
  • 09:15 AM – 10:15 AM Monday – Friday
  • 12:00 PM – 01:00 PM Monday – Friday
  • 04:30 PM – 05:40 PM Monday – Friday
  • 05:30 PM – 05:30 PM Monday – Thursday
  • 09:00 AM – 10:00 AM Saturday

Open Gym

Open gym times are available to our members as an opportunity to supplement the daily workouts, or to even catch up on a previous workout they missed. As some open gym times occur during regular class hours, we ask that members give priority to the regular class and check with the coach to verify there will be no conflicts.

  • 05:00 AM – 06:00 AM Monday – Friday
  • 05:30 PM – 05:30 PM Monday – Thursday
  • 07:30 AM – 8:30 AM Saturday
  • 02:00 PM – 04:00 PM Sunday


We are proud to offer Yoga to both our members and the larger community. If you are a current member of CrossFit 7070, you can add weekly Yoga for an additional $20 per month. Members who try a class and wish to upgrade to unlimited will only be charged the difference.

If you are not a current member, or are would like to attend a single class, the the rate is $15 per class. Non-members can attend unlimited Yoga for $35 per month.

  • 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM Saturday