This past September, we went through our Level Method Testing and witnessed:

  • 337 level ups in categories
  • Level ups occurring at an average of 1.89 stripes
  • 29 overall fitness level ups

What does all this mean?  Ultimately, these numbers represent at least this many powerful moments.  Just take a look at the pictures to the side (or below if you’re on mobile).  These pictures represent moments that showcase the hard work, the early wake-ups, fitness goals being met, and elevating above barriers.  When you come to 7070, that’s what it’s all about.  Sure, we’d like to “lose 20 pounds”, or accomplish another fitness goal.  But when we can use this fitness in the other 23 hours of the day, that’s when it becomes powerful.  When a member can say that he’s now running circles around his grand kids, that’s what it’s all about!  You see, Level Method is a system put in place to Assess, Address, and Progress, but understand YOU are the real hero in this process!


Lifting heavy things, objects … that’s objective strength.
Being strong ‘for your size’ — that’s relative strength.
Both are important, and the Level Method measures both.

If you have to move a boulder, being big and strong is an advantage.
If you have to climb a long rope, being small and strong is an advantage.  

But nobody gets to choose the emergency — we have to be prepared, whatever the crisis!  

Lose fat, gain muscle💪🏼 — acquire strength and skill!
The LEVEL METHOD gets all of this done and shows you exactly what to do!  

Stay strong in your strengths, get strong where you’re weak, and improve your OVERALL LEVEL!  

Understanding the BASICS of Energy Systems🤓 

Energy Systems is a complicated term for how the body uses different fuels to do things.
Why are energy systems important? Energy systems give us insight into how workouts should FEEL!
This sounds really weird, but the body is complicated, and to make the best progress, you shouldn’t do crushing workouts all the timeEnergy systems give us a language and framework to understand these concepts. 

And we use a House analogy to teach and simplify these concepts. 

In our model, there are three broad systems: Electricity, Plumbing, and Ventilation. We use these words to indicate the roles that they play in a house. 

In a house there is electricity, with wiring that provides shocking power, it has plumbing with pipes that deliver and flush fluids, and it has ventilation, with ducts and windows that keep the air flowing and temperature controlled.

It’s the same way with the body, but for us, electricity is the signals from brain to muscle  💪🏼 for powerful contractions, plumbing is the cellular fueling elements like capillaries and heart, and ventilation is how we get air through the lungs and blood.

Each one of the 15 categories of the Level Method falls into a specific energy system.

And here’s where it gets really interesting! 

By taking the appropriate scores from your levels, we can determine what your energy system strengths and weaknesses are! 

These are known as AGGREGATE scores — a complicated word that basically means a SUMMARY OVERVIEW of what systems you are best in! 

Your Electricity score is an aggregate score of your overall muscle strength.

Your Plumbing score is an aggregate score of your overall cellular fueling.

Your Ventilation score is an aggregate score of your overall aerobic fueling.


You are pretty much a Level Method Ninja now!  

VERSION 2.0 is on it’s way!

From worldwide testing, Level Method now has millions of data points from athletes from all over the world.  And as a result, The Level Method team has looked into improving the MAP.  There are categories where there are “sticking” points (i.e. 3 DU’s to 10 unbroken DU’s, or beginning the Kettlebell test at a whopping 53/35#).  Our new V2.0 MAP will have more progressions, which means you will have yet even more opportunities to move forward in your fitness journey.  So please take note of your new level(s) when this change occurs (you will be notified), and continue to achieve those bright spots!

We as a coaching staff look forward to the next testing cycle in January of 2020, and for all of those powerful moments!  Until then, enjoy the process!